On your marks...get set...GO! The A5tar sports are here to bring out your future sports stars to a party venue near you. whether you are shooting with the big time basket ballers on the court inside, or racing on the track outside on the field the next. The range of 16 different sports to choose from will make your special day a photo finish.

Allstar Athletics: Javelin, Shotput, Discuss, Baton Race, 100 Metre Sprint, High Jump Allsort Sports: Football, Tag-Rugby, Hockey, Tug of War, Basketball, Ultimate Assault Course, Dodge Ball, Rapid Rounders, Cool Cricket, Go Golf, Total Tennis.

Age Range Occasions Duration Food Break (All food breaks occur half way through the party) Most Popular Party Times
4 - 7 Years Birthday Party’s 1 Hour None 10am - 12pm
School Party 1 Hour 30 Minutes 5 - 10 Minutes 12pm - 2pm
8 - 11 Years Leaving Parties 2 Hours 15 - 20 Minutes 3pm - 5pm
Special Occasions 2 Hours + 30+ Minutes 4pm - 6pm

Your customised sports party at the start kicks off with the opening ceremony introducing all the competitors to the arena where the sports ahead will have them running with the fun. Throughout the party all our different sports will get all our athletes excelling to the max with high tempo of enthusiasm and encouragement to make them A5tar.

In the middle of the event our sport stars will be able to replenish themselves with our one and only birthday cake presentation to our special birthday star. At the end of the party all our sport stars will receive the A5tar Sports championship certificate for cementing themselves as a true sports star athlete. The finale is still yet to come with the special birthday sports star receiving an extra special award for them being the shinning star of the party that will get them bursting with pride.

Your package includes:

Kids Show

2x FX Lights

Prize Boxes

A5tar Medal

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