Rave in a Cave

Let the kids party and rave the afternoon or eve away! An exciting colourful dynamic experience of a party tailored for the older child or early teen. The package includes the most up to date lighting arrangement which includes laser light and strobe with the uv lights to get your guests going and glowing! Let them use their artistry and creativity with the provided neon pens and the White glow suits!! A truly amazing, creative neon cool party.

Party Format: A5tar UV Pictionary (Pictionary but with UV pens, get an adult to put on glow suit and someone has to pick something from the a5tar box and draw it on the parent with a glow suit and whoever guesses the picture wins a point), A5tar Glowball Fight, Rave in a Cave Dance Off, Glow Girls vs Bright Boys Limbo Challenge, TBC

Age Range Occasions Duration Food Break (All food breaks occur half way through the party) Most Popular Party Times
8 - 16 Years Birthday Parties 1 Hour None 4pm - 6pm
School Discos 1 Hour 30 Minutes 5 - 10 Minutes 5pm - 7pm
Leaving Parties 2 Hours 15 - 20 Minutes 6pm - 8pm
Special Occasions 2 Hours + 30+ Minutes 7pm - 9pm

The A5tar ravers start off by putting their A5tar Glowsuits on, equipped with their glow pens to draw and explore till the party ends. Our A5tar UV Pictionary puts their knowledge and art skills to the test with points to play and prizes to be won. Inbetween UV party games the up to date latest chart music is pumping ready for the ultimate Rave in Cave Dance off at the end where the best will be the glow of the show.

The Rave in a Cave comes with the show stopping UV FX light show. The 2 UV & 2 FX lights create colours of all different shapes and sizes which will give a burst of energy to all ravers at the party. Want to take it to the next level upgrade by clicking on the link (link to be put here). (All glow suits, glow pens and paints are charged at an additional cost.)

Your package includes:

Kids Show

2x FX Lights

Smoke, Bubble or Snow Machine

Prize Boxes

A5tar Medal

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