Princess, Heroes and Pirates

Lets us entertain your very special guests at this great themed party, tailored for the pirates, princesses & superheros. A mixture of fun animated, different quality games that will shiver your timbers or make you feel like belle of the ball. An action packed filled party specifically aimed at the 4-7 age group.

Musical Bumps/Statues/Hands UP, Pass the Parcel, Pirate & Princess Pageant, Treasure of Measure, A5tar Heros, Limbo Olympics, Tresure Hunt, King of the Castle, Parrot Panic (ACTION DANCES: CHACHA SLIDE, HOKEY COKEY, BIG FISH LITTLE FISH).

The start of this party is the introduction of our superstar birthday child where the claps and cheers give them the royal welcome. All guests dressed up in their favourite princess hero’s or pirates outfits making the party feel like real life

Age Range Duration Food Break (All food breaks occur half way through the party) Most Popular Party Times
4 - 7 Years 1 Hour None 10am - 12pm
4 - 7 Years 1 Hour 30 Minutes 5 - 10 Minutes 12pm - 2pm
4 - 7 Years 2 Hours 15 - 20 Minutes 3pm - 5pm
4 - 7 Years 2 Hours + 30+ Minutes 4pm - 6pm

Fairytale story with games to match. The variety of games are custom made from our superhero frenzies to the princess vs pirates pageant.

After all the enchanting and vibrant fun of the first half of the party the guests have a food break for refreshments to be served to gear them up for the second half full of A5tar princess heroes & pirate games. (all food break refreshments is catered by you the customer).

The second half can start with our treasure hunt to find the long lost treasure with prizes and certificates to be given to the best dancers who move their feet to the beat. The party then comes to a fairy tale ending with the birthday princess, hero or pirate being given the prestigious A5tar kids birthday award to make them the shining star of the party. This along with all our parties is completely stress free assuring that the birthday child and all guests have an A class party with 5 star entertainment.

Your action packed A5tar Princess Hero’s & Pirates Party comes with the mesmerising kids show with the LED multicoloured Starcloth along with 2 FX lights equipped with one of our enchanting machines . Our main machines are snow, bubble and smoke with a special offer to receive an extra machine FREE. (PLEASE ASK AN A5TAR KIDS CUSTOMER SERVICE REPRESENTATIVE WHEN ENQUIRING OR CLICK ON THIS LINK TO GET YOUR ADDITIONAL MACHINE TODAY).

Your package includes:

Kids Show

2x FX Lights

Smoke, Bubble or Snow Machine

Prize Boxes

A5tar Medal

To book your PHP Party call one of our super heroes on 07927 407 276

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