Nerf & Turf

Its time to lock & load at our Nerf & Turf Party to test your sharp shooting skills amongst the best of the best. The Nerf & Turf party is complete with full barrelled guns & action packed safety equipment to give your guests the ability to hit the target as safe and sound as possible.

Party Format: Nerf & Turf Assault Course, Target Shooting Practice Competition, One on One Shoot Out, Capture the Flag, Elimination Sensation (shoot out till theres one person at the end), Dream Team (shootout where people who have been shot by their opponent join the other team until one team has everyone), Defend till the End (one team defends the castle until everyone’s been eliminated, which ever team eliminates the quickest wins).

Age Range Occasions Duration Food Break (All food breaks occur half way through the party) Most Popular Party Times
8 - 16 Years Birthday Party’s 1 Hour None 10am - 12pm
Special Occasions 1 Hour 30 Minutes 5 - 10 Minutes 12pm - 2pm
Leaving Parties 2 Hours 15 - 20 Minutes 3pm - 5pm

Your Nerf & Turf party starts with our health and safety briefing with your A5tar marshal showing your guests the do’s & don’ts for a safe and sound A5tar experience. All your nerf & turf cadets will get equipped with all the nerf and turf action packed gear ready before they take on the nerf & turf assault course. The cadets will then take hold and show off their sharp shooting skills with our target practice before heading into the field ready for action. One on one, the cadets will tee off against each other turning their skills into thrills.

Your package includes:

Kids Show

2x FX Lights

Smoke, Bubble or Snow Machine

Prize Boxes

A5tar Medal

To book your nt party call us on07927 407 276

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