Happy Halloween

Get ready for your trick or treats with our Happy Halloween party which is sure to give you the goosebumps. Our spooky selection of jam-packed themed games separate the wicked witches from the scary werewolves. Whether it be in the cold mist of October or the sunshine of summer this party will bring out the spooky in your monsters.

Party Format: Spooky Spider Statues/Goosebumps, Hands of Horror, Tunnel of Terror, Ghostbuster, Limbo Olympics, Whacky Witch Hunt, Monster Mash, Whats the Time Mr Wolf, Pop Up Pumpkins, Trick or Treat, Witches & Wizards Whacky Race.

The little trick or treaters will start off the silly spooky fun with classical games mixed a5tar custom made halloween specials that will get them bobbing for more. Starting the party off with a screamer the little horrors will get to grips with the halloween themed music and showing us their best spooky dance moves as well as some spooky surprises along the way.

Age Range Occasions Duration Food Break (All food breaks occur half way through the party) Most Popular Party Times
4 - 7 Years Birthday Party’s 1 Hour None 10am - 12pm
School Party 1 Hour 30 Minutes 5 - 10 Minutes 12pm - 2pm
8 - 11 Years Leaving Parties 2 Hours 15 - 20 Minutes 3pm - 5pm
Special Occasions 2 Hours + 30+ Minutes 4pm - 6pm

The food break provides the perfect time for all the little monsters party people to replenish & hydrate themselves for the non stop partying that is still yet to come. (all food break refreshments is catered by you the customer). Our spooky special birthday child presentation is the icing on the cake to make your birthday boy/girl feel like a5tar.

Your spooky A5tar Halloween Horror Party comes with the exhilarating A5tar kids show with the LED multicoloured Starcloth along with 2 FX lights equipped with one of our spooktacular machines. Our main machines are snow, bubble and smoke with a special offer to receive an extra machine FREE. (PLEASE ASK AN A5TAR KIDS CUSTOMER SERVICE REPRESENTATIVE WHEN ENQUIRING OR CLICK ON THIS LINK TO GET YOUR ADDITIONAL MACHINE TODAY).

Your package includes:

Kids Show

2x FX Lights

Smoke, Bubble or Snow Machine

Prize Boxes

A5tar Medal

To book your HH party call us on07927 407 276

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