A5tar Extras

Give your A5tar Kids Party the edge and add little bit extra to your child's special day with our range of A5tar Extras. All our fantastic A5tar Extras will provide you and your guests the special added twists that will put the cherry on the cake to your party experience. We have a variety of A5tar extras to make your party personal to you and your special child making sure your occasion is nothing but a 5 star event. Check out our A5tar Extras selection and choose which one will give add a little extra to your A5tar Kids Party.

A5tar prize for every child

For a prize winning party then get ready for a prize for every child from our A5tar Prize Box. All your guests will get one of our A5tar party prizes on the day of your special occasion, giving them that everlasting winning feeling. To put a smile on all your guests faces with an A5tar Prize for EVERY CHILD, please ask one of our A5tar Customer Service Representatives.

A5tar Party Photographer

To make those everlasting memories picture perfect then look no further than your very own A5tar Party Photographer. Our professional A5tar Kids Photographer will be there to capture all the magical moments of your special day that you can look back on for years to come. To top of the range selfies to freeze framing the amazing party pieces your A5tar Photographer is ready to fill your party photo album. To book your A5tar Party Photographer, please ask one of our A5tar Customer Service Representatives. [Terms & Conditions Apply].

A5tar Go Glow Accessories

A5tar Kids Glow Accessories

As part of our A5tar Rave In A Cave Party we offer a great range of A5tar Go Glow Accessories that can be used for any occasion. Our Go GLow Accessories range from a pack of out multi-coloured glow bracelets that will light up your guest body, to our A5tar Glowsuits and Glow Paint that will light up your party venue. To book your A5tar Go Glow Accessories Party, please ask one of our A5tar Customer Service Representatives.

A5tar Additional Machines

As your already receive one of our mesmerising machines with your A5tar Party Package, then why not push the boat out with an A5tar Additional Machine. The combination of two machines can blow your guests away with excitement, whether its our magical bubbles blasting with a hint of snowy sensation, to a magical cloud flowing from our smoke machine. To book your A5tar Additional Machines, please ask one of our A5tar Customer Service Representatives.

Our most popular A5tar Extras options is none-over than our amazing range of A5tar Light Show upgrades. Start by looking at all of our light show upgrades that will add the colour and atmosphere to make your party a spectrum of fun. All our light show upgrades come with their own unique set-up and effects that makes you spoilt for choice. Want to see our amazing range of light show upgrades? Click here and enquire about our A5tar Light Show upgrades today.

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